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Industry’s first global shutter 48Mpixel CMOS image sensor from CMOSIS supports 8k image resolution

Industry’s first global shutter 48Mpixel CMOS image sensor from CMOSIS supports 8k image resolution

07 Nov 2016

Industry’s first global shutter 48Mpixel CMOS image sensor from CMOSIS supports 8k image resolution

CMV50000 features low noise, high frame rate, and high dynamic range; easy-to-design-with sensor excels in automated optical inspection systems, machine vision uses and prosumer video applications

Premstaetten, Austria - Antwerp, Belgium (7 November, 2016) -- CMOSIS a member of the ams AG (SIX: AMS) group, a leading provider of high performance sensors and analog ICs, today launched the CMV50000, an industry first global shutter CMOS image sensor offering high resolution of 48Mpixels, more than twice the resolution of its previous generation CMOSIS global shutter CMOS image sensors.

The CMV50000 is a 35mm format (36.43 x 27.62 mm2) 48Mpixels sensor with 7920 x 6002 4.6-µm sized pixels using the patented 8-transistor pixel architecture to offer low noise and excellent electronic shutter efficiency. Global shutter operation means, that images of fast-moving objects can be captured without distortion.

Its pixel offers 64dB optical dynamic range at full resolution and up to 68dB in binned 4k mode, and the imagers benefits from the implementation of sophisticated new, on-chip noise-reduction circuitry such as black level clamping to enable it to capture high quality images under low-light conditions.

Operating at a fast 30 frames/s with 12 bit pixel depth at full resolution or a binned 4k mode, and at up to 60 frames/s with pixel subsampling to 4k resolution, the sensor is suitable for use in high-speed machine-vision systems, as well as in TV broadcasting and video cameras.

The CMV50000 provides detailed views of a large surface area required in factory automation applications such as automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and systems for the inspection of displays of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and TVs. The combination of high frame rate and high re-solution allows further increase of the already high throughput rates at consumer product assembly plants.

A High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode is supported by an odd/even row dual-exposure operation.

The CMV50000 is expected to replace high pixel-count charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensors used in machine-vision cameras and high-end security cameras. Compared to the older CCD sensor technology, CMOS image sensors are easier to integrate in camera designs, use less power, and can operate at much higher frame rates.

“The introduction of the 48Mpixel CMV50000 gives camera manufacturers the opportunity to enjoy the design and operating advantages of a CMOS image sensor while gaining the ultra-high resolution, which has previously only been available through the use of CCD sensors”, said Wim Wuyts, Marketing Manager for image sensors at ams.

“The CMV50000’s advanced noise-reduction features such as black level clamping combined with  its high optical dynamic range, results in high picture quality at full operation speed without the need for complex analog output matching required for multi-tap CCD image sensors and therefore also decreases the camera development time significantly.”

The monochrome version of the CMV50000 is sampling now. The color version will be available for sampling by the end of 2016. Unit pricing is €3,450.

For sample requests or more technical information, go to

The CMV50000 is on display at the CMOSIS stand, Hall 1.H46, at the Vision exhibition
(Stuttgart, 8-10 November).



CMOSIS, a member of the ams group, is a major player in the industrial, scientific and professional markets for CMOS image sensors, covering applications such as machine vision, high-end digital photography, digital cinema, aerospace, scientific, medical and biometry. CMOSIS offers off-the-shelf, semi- and full-custom CMOS image sensors.  CMOSIS now employs over 100 people at locations in Antwerp (Belgium), Nuremberg (Germany) and Funchal (Portugal). CMOSIS' product range includes high speed, global shutter and rolling shutter area scan CMOS image sensors with resolutions ranging from VGA to over 70 million pixels. Through the acquisition of Awaiba, the product range now also includes a wide range of CMOS line scan image sensors with up to 24K pixels and line scan rates up to 80K/s. The Naneye imagers and camera modules target endoscopic and other imaging applications with space constraints.


About ams

ams is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced sensor solutions and analog ICs. Our mission is to shape the world with sensor solutions by providing a seamless interface between humans and technology. ams’ high-performance analog products drive applications requiring extreme precision, dynamic range, sensitivity, and ultra-low power consumption. Products include sensors, sensor interfaces, power management and wireless ICs for consumer, communications, industrial, medical, and automotive markets.

With headquarters in Austria, ams employs over 2,200 people globally and serves more than 8,000 customers worldwide. ams is listed on the SIX Swiss stock exchange (ticker symbol: AMS). More information about ams can be found at


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